Our Expertise - Precast Concrete


Precast concrete is DURABLE

Concrete lasts for years

Precast concrete combines the excellent quality of factory production over cast-in-situ concrete at a relatively low cost.


Precast concrete is VERSATILE

Design & Finish

Factory production allows a wide choice of surface finishing, colour range and special shapes. Precast concrete has another advantage, its mouldability which entails designers to copy classical details like keystones and capitals or match the finish of materials like weathered stones.


Precast concrete is ECONOMICAL

Higher Efficency

Advanced technologies used in the precasting plants create an improved quality product (i.e. reduced tolerances, thinner sections, engineered solutions) compared with cast-on-site concrete. Additionally this quality can be checked before a unit is inserted into the structure or site work!

Faster Construction

Precast concrete is FAST


On-site construction using precast concrete elements is not only faster, but also safer as secure working platforms are quickly established.

Our Focus

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
 Sustainable development goals of United Nations
Sanitation and Water for all
Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Our focus is to use our knowledge, expertise and resources to develop products that help INDIA achieve the goals of Swachh Bharat Mission, Sustainable development goals of United Nations, Sanitation and water for all and Housing for all - Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna.

For this, we constantly develop, research, innovate and bring out new technologies and products.

Our Products

Precast Concrete Boundary Wall

Precast Concrete Boundary wall

Large Panels - First in India

Our Total Precast Solution for boundary wall is an excellent replacement of conventional boundary wall made using brick / block masonry, rubble masonry or cast-in-situ RCC wall.

All the components are precasted in the factory and the wall is durable, economical and takes lesser time for construction.

DETAILS   Prefabricated Walls
Precast Concrete Toilets

Precast concrete TOILETS

Lavish and Durable

Our Precast Concrete Toilets are built to last. The size is optimum, design is attractive and all materials installed are checked for quality and installed by the trained technicians.

Our production of toilets in large numbers under strigent quality control with our engineered design reduces both materials cost as well as labour cost.

DETAILS   Toilet Details
Precast Concrete Modular Building

Precast concrete Modular Buildings

Higher Efficency

This is an economical option when the same design structure is to be replecated in large numbers. Advanced technologies used in the precasting plant create an improved quality product (i.e. thinner sections, engineered solutions) there by reducing cost

Good option for Low cost housing project for economical weaker section and PMAY

DETAILS   Modular Building Details
Precast Concrete Box Culvert

Precast concrete BOX CULVERT

Economical and Durable

Precast concrete box culverts are an alternative to circular concrete pipes. Precast box culverts offer superior strength and easier installation when compared to systems such as multi-barrel circular drains or cast-in-situ structures.

Our single cell and multi cell box culverts are ideal for National Highway projects and under passes for humans.

DETAILS   Precast Box Culvert Details

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Featured Product - Precast Concrete Toilet

1 / 4
Introducing the Concrete Precast Toilet, Attractive Design, Durable and Moveable
2 / 4
Instantly Available, Suitable for private , industrial and Urban local bodies
3 / 4
Engineered and factory made product - Better Quality. Lavish, and Economical
4 / 4
Delivered with all fittings installed. Customisation possible as per requirement.

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Featured Product - Precast Concrete Boundary Wall

1 / 8
Introducing the Concrete Precast Boundary Wall
2 / 8
Attractive Design, Durable and Maintenance Free; Option of color coating available
3 / 8
Suitable for large industrial plots, group housing projects etc.
4 / 8
Readily Available; Quick to move and setup.
5 / 8
Engineered and factory made product - Better Quality
6 / 8
Total Precast Solutions - Minimum construction work at site
7 / 8
Engineered and long lasting; Angles on top provided for concertrina wire fencing.
8 / 8
Facia designs are on both sides of the wall and can be customised as per the requirement

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+91 9811108787 Nilite Concrete Systems manufacturer of Precast Concrete Toilets and Precast Concrete Boundary Wall


Nilite executed the work of Boundary Wall and Heavy Duty Paver Blocks at ICD-Patli. The quality of the blocks was good and the as per the time schedule. Nilite executed 92500 sqm of work. We recommend Nilite for heavy duty paver blocks.

News and Updates from NILITE

Precast Boundary Wall installation at Swaminarayan Akshardham

News - 12/01/2018

Nilite Installs Precast Boundary Wall at Swaminarayan Akshardham New Delhi

It was a blessing for us to install our precast boundary wall at Swaminarayan Akshardham New Delhi.

Precast Concrete Toilets by Nilite Concrete Systems

News - 03/12/2017

Precast Concrete Toilets by Nilite

Nilite develops precast concrete toilets in single piece RCC frame.

Precast Boundary wall solution by Nilite Concrete Systems

News - 23/09/2017

Nilite introduces complete precast solutions for Precast Concrete Boundary Wall.

Nilite develops precast concrete footings, Precast Boundary Wall H Columns, Precast Boundary wall bottom panel, and Precast RCC Boundary wall Panels

RCC Precast Concrete Boundary Wall Panels

News - 08/04/2017

Big RCC Precast Concrete Designer Wall Panel by Nilite

Nilite innovates the big RCC panel for the Precast Boundary Wall

Precast Box Culvert dispatches by Nilite Concrete Systems

News - 16/08/2016

Nilite starts dispatching Precast Box Culverts.

Nilite starts dispaching Precast Box Culverts at DMRC site, sector 59, Noida

Precast Concrete Box Culverts manufactured by Nilite Concrete Systems

News - 28/06/2016

Nilite starts manufacturing Precast Concrete Box Culverts.

Nilite starts production of precast box culverts. The box culverts are single cell with opening of 3000X2000mm and 400mm Wall thickness of 400mm and span 1m.

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About Us

Concrete Precast Innovation has driven infrastructure growth and prosperity throughout history. Nilite Concrete Systems is committed to innovation that will move our future and restore the dream of housing for all in India. At NILITE, we explore and deliver new precast products for the construction industry.

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Quality Policy

We are committed to quality and strive for continual improvement through innovation and human development to give the customer better value for money always.

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Our Projects

We design and supply innovative engineered precast products that are customized to site conditions and infrastructure owner needs. We have been manufacturer of heavy duty pavers, concrete masonry blocks including hollow and solid concrete blocks, retaining wall blocks and precast slabs. Our projects have been mostly with ICD's, DMRC and DIAL.

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